Learn More About TriState Capital Direct


TriState Capital Direct makes banking easy.  At TriState Capital Direct we offer two types of Deposit products featuring attractive rates.  Below you’ll find this information along with other important account details.


TriState Products:


TriState Capital Direct Money Market Account – Your money multiplies quicker when you open an FDIC-insured* Direct Money Market account. You’ll earn one of the highest yields in the country and still have the flexibility to access your funds.  ($100,000 minimum)


TriState Capital Direct Certificate of Deposit – Your money stays at a fixed rate even when rates fluctuate in the market.  TriState Capital Direct offer a wide range of product terms and the security of knowing your deposit is FDIC insured*.  ($25,000 minimum requirement)


TriState Interest Rates


Funding Your Account:

TriState Capital Direct provides several funding options.  These are listed below along with the necessary instructions.


Wire Transfer Instructions

Receiving Financial Institution: TriState Capital Bank

Receiving Financial Institution Address:

             One Oxford Centre

             301 Grant Street, Suite 2700

             Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Receiving Financial Institution Routing Number/ABA: 043019003

Beneficiary Account Number: Social Security Number (or 10 digit account number assigned by TriState Capital Direct)


Beneficiary Name: Title of account to receive credit

Beneficiary Address: Address on file at TriState Capital Direct


Regular Mail & Overnight Mail

TriState Capital Direct

301 Grant Street

Suite 2700

Pittsburgh, PA 15219



Withdrawal Options

As a customer of TriState Capital Direct you’ve been provided with the following Withdrawals options free of charge.


Direct Money Market Account 1 wire transfer and 3 bank checks per month (Please note that bank checks will only be issued to your address on file). 


Direct CD – A bank check will be issued at maturity to the address specified on the customers request.


Disclosures – Refer to TriState Capital Direct Deposit Disclosure



FDIC Insurance

To review specific FDIC coverage details please go to the FDIC website

The rates on Money Market accounts may change after the account is opened. The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) assumes reinvestment of interest earned at the stated rate. Fees applicable to the account may reduce earnings and thus reduce the APY stated. APY Rates are accurate as of 2/25/2011 and subject to change without notice. For money market accounts interest begins to accrue on the day TriState Capital receives credit. Interest is calculated daily and credited on the last day of the month. If you close your account before interest is credited you will not receive the accrued interest. We use the daily balance method to calculate the interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal in the account each day. For money market accounts you may make six (6) transactions from your account per month to third parties. Certain minimum balances may apply. Certificates of Deposit interest is calculated daily and compounded either monthly or quarterly. A penalty may be assessed for early withdrawal from a Certificate of Deposit or retirement account. Terms and conditions of each Certificate of Deposit will be described in the disclosure documents provided at the time of purchase. Please call for details.

Product & Term






Direct Money Market Account





Direct CD (3-5 Months)





Direct CD (6-11 Months)






Direct CD (12-17 Months)




Direct CD (18-23 Months)






Direct CD (24-35 Months)





Direct CD (36 Months)